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Quantity LFS Number Print Name Price Frame Type
LFS-79 Stolen Honors
LFS-78 Brave Bull
LFS-77 The Offering
LFS-76 Yellow Horse
LFS-75 She's Worth
Five Ponies
LFS-74 2003 Notecard Collection
LFS-73 The Wolf
LFS-72 To Purple Mountains Majesty  
LFS-71 Just Waitin' to Go  
LFS-70 The Scout
LFS-69 His Pony-Her Medicine
LFS-68 Trail Boss
LFS-67 Navajo Mother and Child
LFS-66 Dawn's Early Light
LFS-62 Montana Justice
LFS-61 Life on the Plains - Horse Raid
LFS-60 Life on the Plains - War Party
LFS-59 Life on the Plains - Buffalo Hunt
LFS-58 Watching for Pursuit
LFS-57 Remembering the Sun Dance
LFS-56 Primative Poster - War Party Left
LFS-55 Primative Poster - Horse Raid
LFS-53 Primative Poster - War Party Right
LFS-51 The Trade
LFS-50 Trapped
LFS-49 The Escape
LFS-48 Under Attack
LFS-47 First Encounter
LFS-46 Elk Don't Know How Many Feet a Horse Has
LFS-45 Beginning of the Trail
LFS-43 Before the Dance
LFS-41 Another Day-Another Dollar
LFS-39 The Return
LFS-38 The Hunt
LFS-37 Before the Hunt
LFS-36 My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
LFS-35 Winds of Change
LFS-33 Still A Few Left - Randy Krier
LFS-32 Tribute to Little Whirlwind
LFS-31D Paints His Horse
LFS-31C Running Fox
LFS-31B True Dog
LFS-31A Swift Storm
LFS-30 Day of Many Songs
Day of Many Songs Collection
LFS-29 Of Death
LFS-27 Stormy
LFS-26 Valley of the Shadow
LFS-25 Eyes That Shine
LFS-24 Horse Dance Stick
LFS-22 Still A Few Left - Shawn Grant
LFS-20 Owner of Many Songs
LFS-13 The Mohawk
8 Randy & Jake
6 Crazy Horse
4 Ute Warrior
3 Grizzly
2 Tall Bear
1 Many Horses

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