Stolen Honors

As an artist you must always paint and draw subjects that stir your imagination.  Since I was a boy with my own pony and toy six guns, the American West, the Cowboy, and the Indian have been that inspiration.  I have always rendered them in a style that is my own.  I have never been one to go with the current trend of what might be popular at a particular moment in time.  I have strived to portray my subjects as heroic, noble, and in a manner that hopefully will pull you in.  I portray them to let you experience the same emotions they felt as they looked off into the distance, took aim at a buffalo, rode their horse into battle, or simply opened a door for you to enter their world.  I have also tried to offer my collectors things that are unique. 

I have always been fascinated with the look of the hand colored etchings of the 1880's.  They seem to have a cleanness, a purity, and an antiquity about them. 

Stolen Honors started out as a pencil drawing that I completed several years ago.  I have had an edition of one hundred of the highest quality prints on watercolor paper produced.  The prints will then be individually stretched on a board so that I can personally hand color them with watercolors making each one unique and individual.  While I certainly will continue doing pencil drawings and watercolors, I am excited about this new direction.  I love their look and feel and hope that you will also.

Examples of Finished Stolen Honors Limited Edition
Unique, Hand Colored Prints

Print before Ken hand colors with watercolor.

One hundred unique, individual prints are available of the Brave Bull Limited Edition.
29" X 23" Framed
$750.00 Framed Hand Colored Print
$500.00 Unframed Hand Colored Print

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